Sunday, December 26, 2004

Childfree Pediatric Surgeon Takes His Life

Dr. Jonathan Drummond-Webb apparently took his own life this morning. It may not seem like a big deal, but he was such an awesome, selfless, childfree man. He and his colleagues were featured in a documentary, first shown on ABC, entitled ICU: Arkansas Children's Hospital.

In looking for links to that show, I of course found a
snide comment relating to the fact that he and his wife never had children. Actually, during the documentary, he did mention that they didn't want children of their own, and that he and his wife always thought of their patients as their children. So yes, he was childfree, and he was still a wonderful man. He devoted his life to saving lives. Lives that might have ended without him. He continued to save lives throughout his bout with cancer.

I remember him and that documentary mainly because his life was kind of an "in your face" to all those who equate being childfree with being evil child haters. His most recent
accomplishment has been all over the news this Christmas: Boy With New Heart Goes Home for Christmas. I also remember him because I've been a part of the Arkansas Children's Hospital (ACH) experience. Years ago when I lived in Little Rock, I used to volunteer there.

I couldn't find much on the web about him, but I'm sure in the next few days more will pop up as more people learn of his death. I found this
picture (he's the one on the gurney) and this quote:

"The (kids) that make it fade into obscurity," he says. "The ones that don't (make it) come back to haunt you....It keeps you humble and it keeps you honest."

Dr. Jonathan Drummond-Webb will be missed.