Wednesday, December 22, 2004

You're Fired!

Wouldn't it be nice if we could fire bad parents? I don't mean just anybody, but those breeders who abuse and/or neglect their children. Make them give all their kids to some nice infertile couple, and make them pay back all the kiddie perks and freebies they've gotten, and send them on their way? Wouldn't that be grand? I'd start with these:

Sheriff: Baby Drinks Mom's Methadone, Dies
File the damn charges. Why in the hell would you put that in a child's sippy cup? Next, we have...

Body of Autistic Missing Pa. Boy Found
Did it ever occur to anyone to install some type of safety device to keep this autistic child from simply walking away? Or maybe, I don't know, keeping an eye on him? Geez. What a horrible way to die. Finally, we have...

Boy's Death Prompts Review of System
Proof that parenting really does make you a better person.

Unfortunately, I'm sure I'll have many more to add to the "You're Fired" files. Lot's more.