Saturday, January 29, 2005

Tax Drains #9,589,376 - 9,589,378 due in June!

I love it when people are "open to" having more kids. No real plan for taking care of them, just screwing willy nilly and "we'll just see what happens". Is it because they know what will happen is that people like me will be forced to take up the slack?

Twins were warmup for triplets

On a much happier note, I nearly fainted when I saw that these words, Turn off indecent TV, were attributed to the President.
(FYI - the happy part is that the President said something smart, NOT that I nearly fainted)

More Non-Childfree People Kill Kids

I'm starting to question that whole "Childfree people are mean and evil" thing. I mean really question it.

Dad Charged In Son's Death Says He'd Never Hurt Him

Girl found slain at school, father charged

Thursday, January 27, 2005

What's That Sound?

My tubes trying to tie themselves.

Teen allegedly tried to poison his family
The boy told investigators that he did not want to kill his family, but wanted to make them sick because he was mad at them.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

2005 Mommy of the Year

The submissions for the 2005 Mommy of the Year award have begun.

Submission 1: Mom Accused Of Giving Crack To 4-Year-Old

Thursday, January 06, 2005

I'm Confuzzed

About the Andrea Yates case. Do these "people" really believe what they're saying, or is this just some random lame ass excuse to get their client off? WTH does Law & Order have to do with anything? Does it matter where the idea came from? Does it matter why she did what she did? I think not.

Bottom line: She methodically killed her kids one by one. Which part of that isn't clear?
Mom's Convictions Overturned for Drowning 3 Kids

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

You Too Can Quit TMIJITW

No questions asked. Remember two words: Super. Ficial.

Colorado woman accused of drowning children won't stand trial

This Just In!

Doctors are "basically reassured" that “Birth defects or developmental problems are usually not the fault of the parent or because of anything they did,”...including IVF. Uh-huh.

We'll continue to update this story as it develops.

Breederific Media Gets Screwed

I love it. I really, really do.

Love, Grandmoo